Leibster Nomination

I got an interesting challenge yesterday .
This time I have to answer some questions that are not mine and write questions to people that have to answer me
First of all thank you https://iamioana.wordpress.com/. I am glad you nominated me .


You have an extraordinary style of writing.Thank you also for reading my posts and following my daily words.You seemed to be an interesting person and you build an useful site.

Eleven facts about me

I enjoy reading

I hate liars

I love that inteligent kind of people

I  am a convinced pacifist

I am confident

I have strong connections with special people

I am full of life

I am a deep thinking person

I am friendly

My friendship is not for sale

I like brave people

I have confidence in myself !

Eleven  questions sent by https://iamioana.wordpress.com/

What is important to do every day, for you?

Well,  I think  to contribute to may personal degree of happiness ( not  in a selfish way)

Do you think emotions or feelings can be controlled?

Depends. There are some factors that can influence one’s control on feelings.  There are feelings that can be controlled as there are uncontrollable feelings or emotions.

Do you have a favorite person?


Describe yourself in 3 words.

Patient, interesting,  thinker

Wine or Ice cream?

Ice cream.

What you like to read the most?

Psychological novels

Do you think words are important? How much? Why?

Words are very important.  A word can be likened to fire (so you get it)

You are scared to die?

No. I consider that death is the price of life

Do you live how you want? Are you alive?

Yeah. Full of life. I live in my own terms.

Why you read my posts. What you think about Ioana, behind words ?

I read your blog because I find it inspiring, and well….. behind words I think Ioana is an interesting and misterios person.

What do you think is more important: Today or tomorrow?

Today (,,carpe diem”)

My five nominees are some of my favorite bloggers that I watch and read recently:

So here it goes the nice part where I do the question thing:

Do you have a goal in life ? Are you fighting to achieve it ?

Do you have any regrets for the important decision that you took it  your life ?

Do you believe that a world without pain is possible ?

Do you be leave that mentors are important in professional development ?

Do you believe  that love is the solution for a better world  ?

Are friends important for you ?

Love or respect ?

What factor made you a better person ?
Are you thinking about consequences when you take a decision ?
Being impartial is one of your qualities? Why ?
Is love for you  a powerful factor in taking  decisions ?

Why you read my posts. What you think about Andrei, behind words ?

Thank you all for being part of my World, and thank you for giving me your time.

BTW. can find here the http://theglobalaussie.com/the-official-rules-of-the-liebster-award-2016/ or follow my steps

With love as alwais,




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  1. Ele spune:

    … ce supriza placuta :), multumesc


    1. plăcerea este de partea mea

      Apreciat de 2 persoane

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